Johanna Adojaan is an artist, a photographer, a storyteller. 


Johanna grew up in Tartu, Estonia. She studied humanities at one of country's top high schools (Hugo Treffner Gymnasium). Her love for arts started with the first lessons of art history. After graduation she moved to Antwerp, Belgium where she is attending the Fine Art bachelor studies in Photography at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. 

She was lead to photography by her grandfather who would never miss a blink of a shutter at family gatherings. For long years, Johanna kept a blog about her travels and friends, always including photos with words. She also worked for the school newspaper as a journalist and photographer. Over time she developed love for storytelling. 

When she is not taking photos, you will find her wondering around markets, making travel plans, or enjoying a book. She will never say no to a hot sauna or... actually anything.

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(EST) +372 590 188 35 
(BE) +32 465 409 845


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