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My love for arts started with the first lessons of art history - it was just all the silly details, hidden meanings and crazy stories that won my heart. For long years, I kept a blog about my travels and friends, always including photos with words. 

 It got more serious once I started working for my high school newspaper as a journalist and photographer. That is also when I presented my first exhibition/research project about men with beards and it got awarded as ‘outstanding’. In my photographic practice now, science and art often come together. I do love writing as well - I think I see it as some sort of treasure hunt, both with finding perfect words and capturing moments.

 After school I moved to Antwerp, Belgium to study photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. In 2019 I graduated my bachelor's degree cum laude.

In the second part of 2019 I spent on an exchange program in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in China as part of my Master's studies, again at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

I also love to work with illustration and since summer 2019 I have been lucky enough to work with newspaper Müürileht. For the past year, I have been busy mostly with graphic design and copywriting.

My recent achievements include taking part of an exhibition with a new medium I have come to love, that of wall-hangings. How exciting!

Please find my CV here.

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