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Johanna Adojaan was born in Tartu, Estonia in 1996. She has bachelor’s and master's degree cum laude in Fine Art Photography from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

Having long had a passion for writing, her career in visual arts actually started in high school in which she worked as a photographer, journalist and editor for a newspaper. The first big artistic venture was capacious research about men with beards in 2015, which resulted in an exhibition with 10 portraits and 10 essays depicting different men with beards from her hometown, and a thorough analysis paper on the notion of beard – say psychology and reasons behind it. It was stated as outstanding.

In 2016 Johanna moved to Belgium to study Fine Art Photography in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. Within those five years, she participated in numerous group exhibitions in Antwerp, got selected for the International Talent Program of the largest photography festival in Benelux called BredaPhoto in 2018, being the youngest participant, and accomplished a successful internship in Japanese photography gallery Ibasho. 

Her bachelor project Homo Animalis was a biosemiotic viewpoint of exploring the similarities and differences of signals that animals and humans use, and the notion of abstract thought that humans have developed. 

In 2019, she spent the first semester of her Master’s studies on an exchange program in the Academy of Fine Arts in Guangzhou, China. She took part in a group exhibition in the Academy with an experimental card game Sample Text Here, inspired by her local experience, which was praised for its distinctive approach. She also contributed a print to an art auction held by Gallery 2522.

Drawing inspiration from the local beliefs, she started working on her latest art project Field Notes on Fleeting Luck which is a more specific take of the abstract thought world, previously explored in the Homo Animalis project, but this time focused on the notion of luck. 

At this moment, Johanna is back in Estonia and working as a journalist and collecting new inspiration for future photography projects.

Please find her CV here.

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